'Employability What?' is a great aide memoir for any young people who are looking at preparing for employment.

A guide like this should be accessible to them well before they start to apply for vacancies.

Matt Thomas,
CEO Leeds Apprenticeship Training Agency

Hello, I'm Ann...

In the CV section of Employability What? I said that writing about yourself is one of the hardest things to do.
Well here goes...

I’m now a wife and mum with a very busy work life but it hasn’t always been like that. My teenage years weren’t brilliant and due to illness I was almost unable to sit my GCSEs but thankfully I did and what’s more, considering my school wasn’t doing well at all in the league tables, I did pretty well. When I was younger I was positive I’d have a career in interior design but part way through college, things turned out a little differently for me. I did finish the course but then found myself taking a different route, working my way up the ladder in a number of small marketing and import companies before being made redundant and wondering what my next step would be.

My next step turned out to be the start of something very interesting indeed as I worked on delivering Hull’s Building School for the Future programme and delivering on our legacy promises by helping to support young people in the area to increase their attainment and aspirations – it wasn’t just all about the new buildings. There's nothing I love more than working with young people and seeing the realisation that they do have the skills that employers want.

The role has opened up a great many opportunities for me and in addition to writing and the day job, I then provided the day to day management for the Employability Charter, a Humber-wide initiative bringing business and education together to develop the employability skills of young people.

Since completing the Hull Building Schools for the Future programme, I’ve gone on to set up my own business, Paradigm Shift Management, where we work with our clients to embed change and manage projects differently, always with increased productivity and social impact at the core.

I’m an associate of the Institute of Employability Professionals, Chair of Governors at an Outstanding primary school and am working alongside partners at the Humber Local Enterprise Partnership to deliver their award winning Skills Pledge campaign which encourages business and education to work together to support the current and future workforce.

A few years ago I wouldn’t have been able to tell you what employability skills were, it just felt like plain old common sense but in working closely with many businesses and schools in the last few years, I came to realise how important these skills are and how difficult it was for young people to recognise and demonstrate them. In writing this book I wanted to show you (or the young people you work with) that by thinking about how you approach things a little differently and by making the most of the opportunities you have in front of you, employability really doesn’t have to be that difficult.




"From mapping out a future career path to how to behave in an interview, the book is written in such an easy-going, lighthearted way that is accessible and informative to all who read it."

Ally Dunhill
University of Hull

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